We Create a Personalized Experience to Confront Our Clients’ Challenges as if They Were Our Own. Every Time.

Fawcett Cutler is recognized for its highly-skilled litigation practice, detailed preparation, accessibility and personalized attention to each client’s needs.

Protecting your reputation, financial well-being and business interests is important to us. Collectively we work together towards a single goal – providing you with the highest level of service. This includes staying on top of legal developments and regulations that could impact you. We understand that every client, every legal matter, and every negotiation,  is different; this requires individualized, thoughtful, and strategic planning on our part.

We are Selective of the Engagements We Pursue

We strive for a relaxed, client-focused environment where you can feel at ease discussing the legal issues that impact you, your business and your family. To serve you as professionals, we want you to feel comfortable with us. Our cohesive team of professionals can provide you with creative solutions to your most challenging legal issues.